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GaryG Posted By GaryG, Jan 1, 2008 at 10:43 PM

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  1. GaryG

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    Jan 1, 2008
    I have the Breckwell Big E (big window), I just cleaned it completely. Now when we go to set the convection fan to the high setting, it doesn’t go. In fact sometimes it sounds like the fan isn’t even running. I say sometimes, because it acts like it runs on high fan when it wants to. I use to be able to go to high fan or back to auto anytime. Now it cycles up and down from high to low by itself. Doesn't pay any attention to the pushing of the button on the side. Only once in a while when I push the hi fan button, does it react to the “hi” setting. What could I have done? Or what could be wrong?

  2. buildingmaint

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    Push button on high fan is most likely a blister button and some times you have to move around the button to get the blister to make contact, I've never had my control board apart but that is what those buttons look and act like, my on /off button is like that . Do you have your stove on the HIGH/LOW setting? If so that is the way it designed to work ,but I think you need a remote stat to make that feature work. email Breckwell with your problem , and I'm some one way way more knowledgeable about BIG E's will chime in soon.
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