Breckwell p24 Convection Fan surges

ugrin Posted By ugrin, Apr 10, 2013 at 8:44 PM

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    Apr 10, 2013
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    I have a Breckwell P24 Pellet stove, It was here when I got the house. It had the convection fan replaced( looks like new ) I have replaced the limit switches and the circuit board. Problem is": at low speed up to a little past 2 the convection fan surges, almost stopping then picking up.It will run until it gets hot then unless I have it 2 1/2 + it will shut down--I suppose because it gets to hot and the high limit switch trips. It's been suggested, by a supplier, that the blower may be bad?? I'm sceptical because it startedworing at low speed for a time but then went back to it's old ways. Ideas???
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    How long ago was the conv. fan replaced? Just because it LOOKS like new, doesn't mean it hasn't seen a lot of use. Do you see any lube ports on the motor?

    I recommend removing the blower/motor assembly from the stove, clean the fan blades and blow out the motor w/ compressed air. I'm guessing there are lube ports on it....(should look like the pic below)....put 3-4 drops of 20w non-detergent oil (3 in 1 will work) in each port.

    Make up a power test lead (an old lamp cord will do). Connect the leads to the motor leads (and insulate with electrical tape!!). Plug in wall outlet and see if the motor will run at full speed for a while. If so, you may have a control board issue.

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