Breckwell pellet stove issue model : P23FS from 90s

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New Member
Nov 29, 2022
Massachusetts , USA
Hello all I’m having trouble with my Breckwell Pellet stove P23FS . Pellet stove was running perfect on thanksgiving , next day go to use and notice no pellets are making it into the burn pot . I opened the back of the stove and saw that the auger motor seems like it’s working fine and spinning clock wise , can also see it spinning in the hopper. I assumed it was jammed so I removed motor and took the auger out , there was no jam at all.. if I use the manual feed button it will make the auger spin and if put handful of pellets in auger they disappear and never make it to the burn pot … I ordered a new motor but I highly doubt that is the issue . I just don’t know what else to do and really trying to figure this out , if anyone has any help I would highly appreciate it . Thank you !
Below is few pictures of the stove and the last pic is a picture of where the auger sits in at the top of the stove , pic taken from the bottom of stove

image.jpg image.jpg 83DE856F-FDD5-4D76-9BA3-5ADD8A97CF7A.png


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Dec 2, 2017
It takes a while to manually feed pellets to the pot once the auger is empty.. You may have had a jamb or the auger was stuffed full of fines and no pellets could make it up. When you cleaned it up to check things out you probably vacuumed the problem away. Try more than a handfull of pellets if the auger is turning the pellets have to fall at some point.. When i clean mine out it takes about a min on manual to get the pellets to feed all the way.