Building an outside wood Forced Air furnace from old propane tanks.

clevenhagenjs Posted By clevenhagenjs, Feb 3, 2013 at 12:52 AM

  1. clevenhagenjs

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    Feb 3, 2013
    I am looking to find out a easy way to build a forced air furncae out of a old Lp (Propane) Tank.

    I was looking at some of the commercially made models like "Lil House outside wood heater" I am wanting one that only heats air and NOT water.

    How easy would it be to build one? Any ideas on it? Plans? advice? Comms?

    This is going to be installed at a cabin we own. Curently we have it set up on Propane (Propane wall heaters) I have access to LOADS of free wood and lumber pieces to throw in it.

    I am wanting something that is located outside fairly close to the cabin and have it connected with vent pipe and a blower. The cabin is concrete brick walls so the location is not a huge issue.

    The LP tank I will be using has already been flushed out and cleaned of any LP gas and is ready to cut and weld when I can get the plans.

    Looking for a low cost option I could gather the parts up here and there then weld myself. I have some experience with Mig Welding.

  2. ScotO

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    Hello, and welcome to the forums.....

    Lots of guys here that can point you in the right direction, so you've come to the right place. As far as building your own setup, I can appreciate that completely. I've built my own maple syrup evaporator oven (I can't afford a factory built one, they are just plain friggin expensive), and my homemade one works perfectly. Just be cautious as you may be violating local codes and voiding your insurance if you do make your own ouside furnace. Check on codes and other information, and make safety paramount when you build your appliance. Oh, and just so you understand, we love lots of pictures......;)

    I'm sure some of the guys in the know will chime in soon.....

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