Burning pellets falling into ash tray after deep clean and exhaust fan replacement

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New Member
Jan 23, 2024
Vernon NJ
So I have owned this 14 year old AGP lopi pellet stove for 3 years now and i had to replace the exhaust fan (bearings seized). I decided to deep clean the stove before replacing. Cleaned it all spotless including the intake and exhaust pipes and combustion fan. When i started the stove back up it worked great it was blowing hot air with more force than before (likely due to cleaning the combustion blower) and was very quiet (thanks to the new exhaust fan). After 2 bags of pellets with no issues the stove has now started to drop burning pellets into the ash tray rather than just ash. This has never happened before in the 3 years i have had the stove and the only changes are a deep clean and exhaust fan replacement. What should I do?
Additional info: I have not changed type of pellet. After burning the 3rd bag of pellets since replacing the exhaust fan and cleaning the entire unit, i stopped the stove and noticed much more creosote build up than usual. Like 3 times more than average. I cleaned the the internals again and and started it back up but its still dropping flaming pellets into the ash tray.
Update: Ran like 10 more bags and it is no longer spitting out burning pellets into the ash tray. Seems to have worked itself out. Guess it was something with the airflow due to replacing the fan.