Cab 50 Humming, but not working

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Jan 19, 2021
Spokane, WA
I've had a lot of issues trying to keep the Heatilator Eco Choice Cab 50 running over the years, but now it's got me stumped. The stove ran out of pellets and now won't feed or start a fire, even manually. I cleaned the crap out of it and removed all the pellets from the hopper and feed chute. In the past I have been able to manually load pellets in the firepot and get them to light, but it won't do that. When I unplug it and plug it back in, the red light comes on and the blue light flashed a few times. The ignitor is lit; just won't ignite the pellets. I do not hear the combustion fan coming on. Any suggestions on how to get this thing running?
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It will never fire up without the combustion fan running
Is the humming from the fan ?
Remove the fan and test it It may just be dirty or plugged with ash
I spent some time today trying to see if the exhaust duct was plugged. It was dirty, but not plugged. The exhaust fan is what is humming. How hard is the to replace?