Can anyone identify this stove door ?

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Dec 22, 2007
OK, so it's a Fisher trivia question.


(it's new, handle never installed from a fabricator shop when they closed)


  • Can anyone identify this stove door ?
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Guess not;

In the assortment of parts I've obtained from the stove fabricator shop in Woodland Park Colorado was 2 of these doors.

1) The newer tree design is after 1980 as used on the arched top doors. However these doors are straight across the top like the older style.
2) All Fisher Stoves have the word Fisher on the door. (except the very first steel plate doors)
3) The tree tops continue off the door. And no Fisher stove has a cast iron frame or border around the door to continue the design onto.

The COAL BEAR was designed to prevent the lower ASH PAN DOOR from being opened without opening the top loading door. (open door above coal bed kills draft) This prevents all the air from going up through the coal bed if the door below the grates were left open. This would warp or melt the grates.

This overlap for the upper door can be seen at the upper edge of this door.

The upper door is arched, and marked Fisher. It also has the tree tips at the bottom. This is the only picture I have showing the front doors. It's poor, but you can tell the three trees are centered on the lower door. That's it !
This was for a Nickel Plated Coal Bear.


  • Can anyone identify this stove door ?
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  • Can anyone identify this stove door ?
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OKAY, You say it's from a Coal Bear. So were any of them out into the field? Is it possible to buy one? I have a Fisher insert and love it, BUT, It won't be but two years before I'm in my seventys. I cut, stack, and split all my own wood by hand. I expect I won't really want to do that much after i get to be eighty. Coal is much less trouble and not near the work as wood. I could see getting a coal stove to burn wood in the warm shoulder season, than burning coal when it gets really cold. Just thinking out loud but I think I would like to have a big old atom bomb proof coal stove. Your thoughts please, David
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Sure they were sold, and still used today. Finding one could take a while. The pictures are from a used one that was for sale.
They do come up for sale on Craigslist from time to time. I mentioned on the "Everything Fisher" thread about how they possibly were tested on soft coal, since the dealer in NEPA in the hard Anthracite coal belt had a problem burning hard coal in the Showroom display stove. It could have been too warm outside when they were trying it, and who knows what size and height the chimney was. The building is still there and they are still in business. They sell coal and wood stoves today, but I'm not sure which chimney it was connected to.
They require a 6 inch chimney since coal requires a good draft up through the coal bed. They have reversible grates.
Here's a second picture, also from the "Everything Fisher" thread.

I personally burn a Hitzer hopper fed E-Z Flo 50-93. So nice having a gravity feed from the hopper. Light it in October, shake it twice a day, fill it once a day, and let it go out when only a wood fire is needed overnight in the wood stove. Never more than 2 tons a year heating 2000 s.f.


  • Can anyone identify this stove door ?
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A better picture of one (Sold, Craigslist. Denver CO.)


  • Can anyone identify this stove door ?
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I guess that make this thread the Coal Bear report. :lol:
Hahaha.....I like that one BeGreen. LOL =)
Nah, but I could start one !

Coal Bears make me all fuzzy inside.

A few people PM'ed me with the belief that the door was from from something else. They don't come up for sale that often, and the pictures have always been lousy.
This picture was very light and didn't show much detail, but it's the best on the net. I darkened it and added contrast to make the door design visable. It was listed a "woodburner" so there's a possibility the owners haven't used coal and it won't be corrosion city inside from acidic fly ash.
The ad didn't mention grates, but it does say it has "new steel plates" inside. We'll see.

This one sold for $300, and the cash is being sent today. It's the only way the people would deal.
It's then being sent to Napa California for a PHOTO SHOOT !!

Don't worry, it will be an exclusive on Centerfold worthy stuff here. :kiss:
I'm stoked, and soon the stove will be too !
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I wonder if any of the trademarks are up for sale with Fisher... it'd be great to see these rugged units come out in an epa design, but still retain the solid cast door, step top steel, spindraft look the Fishers had. I know there is a company out in NZ that makes some stoves with the same trademarkings, but what is up with them?
The trademark is current and held by one of the first licensees in Canada, just off the Washington Coast. Northwest Stoves today.
This is the round logo as cast on the belt buckle in my avatar.

Goods and Services IC 011. US 013 021 023 031 034. G & S: Wood burning heating stoves; gas heating stoves; and pellet burning heating stoves
Design Search Code 26.01.02 - Circles, plain single line; Plain single line circles
26.01.21 - Circles that are totally or partially shaded.
Serial Number 77462704
Filing Date May 1, 2008
Current Filing Basis 1B
Original Filing Basis 1B
Published for Opposition October 21, 2008
Owner (APPLICANT) Veno Fabrication Ltd. CORPORATION CANADA Duncan 4771 Bench Rd. British Columbia CANADA V9L6L7
Attorney of Record Daniel J. Hudak
Description of Mark Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

The New Zealand Fisher cannot use this trademark, they have the FISHER word on an angle as used on the doors after 1980.
so does the Canadian holder make 'em, too? and why the distinction between the 2? how do they both "have it" so to speak? or is it just the logo?
Trademark is just a logo. Patent is the product.
If you meant the patent on the product, no it's dead on all Fishers in the US and Canada.

Northwest Stoves deserves it too.

Here's a good 4 part article from their Newsletter; Enjoy

I believe the picture in part 2 is the stove and brick hearth from the brochure taken in Canada.
The picture in part 4 is the Fisher Stove that heated a hot tub on a trailer in front of the Stove Works. Never see a stove shop do that anymore !
Before 1989 trademarks were good for 20 years. After that they need to be renewed every 10 years. But there is a stipulation that they "must be in commercial use" after about 4 months of filing to become "registered". There are other stipulations, so maybe they do use it somehow to get around it. Beats me why they payed to start it in 2008. Must have or had plans on using it? I was surprised when I found it a couple months ago "live".
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