Can I use a Nest Thermostat with a Quadra Fire Castille?

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Oct 13, 2018
My Mechanical thermostat is starting to fail on my Castile. I have a new Nest Thermostat laying around. Can I use this Tstat to turn the stove on and off at desired temps? I do not need it to do anything else like adjust the low med or high as I always use the stove on medium. If it does work do I need to know anything else to get it connected or is it straight forward as if I was wiring it to my furnace?


Burning Hunk
Jan 1, 2019
I use a nest on my Harman insert, you may need to utilize a 24v transformer and a fan relay to integrate it which is what I did, I also utilize a nest remote temp sensor so that I base it off the temperature of the furthest room.