cast iron wood stove modification


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Jan 11, 2021
I have a couple of old cast iron stoves. Instead of getting rid of one of them I was just wondering what would happen if I took some of the parts from one stove (like the top, back or a side) and tack welded it to the other stove. I'm not talking about modifying a door, intake or vent Would the extra mass help hold more heat or lose it because of too much thickness?. Some of the pieces have beautiful designs in them which I would hate to loose.

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Feb 4, 2016
Personally, I would simply place them on a shelf and display them as works of art.

If you want to add them to a stove, do so in a way that the current metal of the current stove, and these panels, can move independently with expansion and contraction so they can respond to heating and cooling in their own way, and not directly tied to each other. Old iron may expand/contract differently under heat from new iron or steel. So, I would not weld them together. And any welding may leave a mark, decreasing their historical value.


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Aug 2, 2006
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First question would be....have you ever tried to weld cast iron? It can be done, but is darn near an “art”. There is a reason that cast iron stoves are assembled, not welded (like plate steel). Second, I doubt that you will notice any meaningful gain because of the added mass. Remember, its BTU’s in and BTU’s out with “efficiency” Being the wild card. Extra mass will hold heat a little longer, but it also takes longer to heat up in the first place.


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Jul 11, 2008
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They are nice castings. The problem with adding mass is it has to heat up. Its pay me now pay me later deal. You dont get heat as quick when you light off as the cold cast iron has to heat up. Stoves are mostly radiant heat and putting anything between the hot stove and the cold body in the room reduces the radiant heat felt by the cold body. I agree with prior poster. Hang it up as art.
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Jan 11, 2021
Thank you for your comments, they are just as I expected. And yes , welding cast is a groan, plus I probably would have cracked the stove I would have welded to, and I'm sure if a thicker 2 layer cast stove heated better, they would make one. I was just trying to think of something new. I guess it would have had the same effect as the time I surrounded the stove with soap stone . Just like you guys said, holds the heat but takes forever to heat up. I finally looked it up, and If I were one of the people who understood
1/(U\cdot A)=1/(h_{1}\cdot A_{1})+dx_{w}/(k\cdot A)+1/(h_{2}\cdot A_{2})
then I think I could make a better stove. Oh well!