Castle serenity auger not feeding or turning at all

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New Member
Feb 10, 2023
New Hampshire
I have a Castle Serenity approx 6 yrs old, recently had to replace the ignitor. While replacing I removed the auger motor, then reinstalled, after everything worked as normal for approx. One week. After that when starting I would get the indicator symbol on the controller that the auger was dropping pellets but nothing would happen. Took apart the stove again, when using the diagnostic mode with the auger motor removed, the motor would just vibrate for a second but not turn. I figured the motor was bad so I ordered a new one, just plugged the new motor in and ran a diagnostic before installing it back into the stove, the motor didn't spin at all and if I try to start the stove I get no indicator symbol on the controller that the motor is being signaled to drop pellets. I have recently replaced the vacuum switch within the last month and the hopper lid switch seems to be working from looking at the diagnostic screen. Just seeing if there is something I am missing, any help would be greatly appreciated.