Cb1200FS shuts off - nothing obvious

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New Member
Oct 21, 2021
Yellowknife, NT
Good morning all

The old cb1200 has been good since I fixed up some minor problems last October. She kept us warm all year through the long northern Canada winters of -40c.

However now it's warmed up, I have run into an issue I have yet to have figured out. For the third night in a row, the stove has shut down with the call light on come morning. Pellets in the hopper, no pellets on the pot. Essentially burnt itself out and shutoff.

One thing to note - it's not on an thermostat. I have it wired right to an switch. So runs constant unless I turn it off.

Now I do have the hopper slide closed a fair bit as I don't want insane heat. But I've run it at this setting for the last couple weeks with no problem. I even have it marked on the metal so I just slide it right there job done.

I can't hear pellets dropping like they're bridging over the auger intake, and it fires right back up again on reset with plenty of pellets being dropped - so it doesn't seem that it's not getting fuel.

I keep this stove religiously clean, but I haven't vacuumed the hopper and auger area in a while so I guess there's an small chance there's a bunch of dust near the auger intake. However it's just odd It just always seems to happen at night when I'm not around to actually see what happens - and it runs seamlessly all day.

I'm going to vacuum the hopper tonight after work, slightly increase the hopper slide tonight as an test. I'll setup a camera too, so I can at least get an visual on what's happening if it re occurs.

Has anyone else experienced an similar issue? Am I on the right path to troubleshoot? Any explanation why as soon as I close my eyes the thing shuts off.