Changing the igniter on St. Croix Afton Bay


Jul 17, 2008
Rhode Island
Can anyone walk me through changing the igniter for my Afton Bay? or link to a video to help me. I have never had to do one and don't want to pay to have someone do it for me if I don't have to. I already have the replacement. Thanks...


heat seeker

Minister of Fire
Feb 25, 2011
Northern CT
I changed mine a couple of years ago, and am working from (not the best) memory. So use a grain or two of salt...

First, unplug the stove. The igniter is located just above the rod you move to drop ashes into the pan. It is covered by a sheet metal piece. Open both side doors, and you'll see two small screws on each side, holding the sheet metal cover on. Remove the screws, and the cover will come off. You will then see the igniter. IIRC, it is held in with a small Allen screw. Follow the 2 wires - they go off to the right, through a passage, and come out at the right rear of the stove. Disconnect the wires, and tie a strong piece of string to them. You will use this string to pull the new wires in.

Make sure the igniter passage is clear through to the burn pot. Put the new igniter in place, up to the stop collar on it. Use the string to pull the new wires through to the back of the stove, and connect them.

This would be a good time to lube the VersaGrate bushing at the front of the stove.

Install the sheet metal cover, and you're done.

Again, I'm working from memory, so may have missed something.

Good luck! It's not all that difficult.


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Dec 29, 2012
Danbury, CT
Debi, you might want to check YouTube. When I needed to change my Quad igniter I was lucky enough to find a video there. Good luck.