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    I am very interested in getting a pellet stove for my basement, which happens to be the main play area for my young children. Of course the thought of my children having access to an "open" flame does not give me a warm feeling. I have looked through several web sites for a pellet stove that is "child resistent" but I have not had any luck locating such a stove. Does such a stove exist? Perhaps that all come with some type of child resistent features which are not discussed on the websites? Any help that you could provide in locating a distributor in the Washington DC/Baltimore area that makes pellet stoves which are child resistent would be appreciated.


    Pellet Stoves do not have open flames, however, they do have glass fronts which often get quite hot. The top, sides and other parts of most Pellet Stoves are relatively cool to the touch. Most Pellet Stoves can be operated by a remote thermostat, which child-proofs the operational end fairly well. Lastly, you can get a "child-guard" screen from many hearth shops, which will unfold in front of the stove and help keep children from falling against it. You could also build a small metal railing (they have parts at Home Depot, etc) in front of the stove hearth. Most children can sense the heat of the stove and tend to stay away from the heat, especially if you warn them properly.
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