Chimney liner question...

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New Member
Nov 19, 2021
I'm looking to get a fireplace insert (Regency Hampton) and trying to figure out the best solution for chimney liner. Chimney is on an external wall in SE Michigan, 12x12 clay tile flue. plumb from top of chimney to top of stove measured about 14 feet. Im working on insulating the walls of the fireplace with rockwool and making a block off plate. Chimney seems pretty straight outside of the smoke shelf. Am I overthinking this and I just need a 15' double walled insulated SS flexible chimney liner kit? Seems like the simplest solution without getting into liner blankets or dumping pearlite down the chimney. With the large tiles, I shouldn't have to worry about tight fits.

Dealer said they would install for $1450 but i'm pretty sure that only includes dumping it down the chimney and screwing it in at the bottom and top (and lugging the insert into the house, possibly the hardest part)