Choosing a new stove

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New Member
Mar 5, 2021
Northern VA
Hi, new member here. I want to replace a late 1970's Atlanta Stove Co 1/4 inch steel, 3.5 cubic ft fire box (I included area above the baffle). The stove was in the house when we bought it 35 years ago. The previous owner worked at Montgomery Ward and I bet that was where the stove came from. Anyway we stopped using it years ago because "we" were not good about the quality of wood we put in and I could not handle the smoke and creosote smell. Recently a neighbor gave us some ash which the first of it was dry and the heat in the house was great. It is an old farm house with oil boiler and radiators and we keep the thermostat quite low.

With a medium load in the old stove it does a good job of heating the 3 main downstairs rooms and the bathroom above the stove. I prefer the bedrooms to stay cool and there is a wing of the house with one room above and one below that we don't really use now. Total size of the house is about 2200 sq ft.

My priorities for a new stove are low emissions , quality, efficiency and cost. Asking a loot I know. I would love a Jotul or Woodstock but have told myself if we ever finish the other wing of the house with the parlor, I can put a nice smaller stove in there. I have been looking at True North TN20. would it be big enough? Englander 39-NC until I saw a review on Lowes website where the glass broke at 340 degrees with 2 logs in the stove and flames were shooting out into the room. Buck Stove 74 but I don't see it on the EPA list. Lopi Endeavor which might not be big enough and though it looks like it should be, I don't see it on the EPA list. Woodstock Absolute Hybrid I love the 0.5 g/hr emissions , or the Ideal Hybrid.

To keep us from using wet wood, I was planning on getting the Liberty Bricks made in VA. I assume if we ever put wet wood in a hybrid stove that would be really bad.

I would appreciate any advice .

Thanks, Mimi

Thanks, Mimi