Classic Bay 1200 - motor not engaging

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New Member
Jan 20, 2024
New York
So I have fixed/replaced a bunch of parts on this pos over the last 2 years but cant figure out feed problem. Plug it in, call light is on, exhaust motor turns on. Control box blinks once orange, and then I think 5 or 6 times blue very slowly. Cleaned unit. Bench tests motor, works fine. Bypassed vacuum, nothing. Bypassed snap disc 2, nothing. Snap disc 3 is fine / not tripped. The hopper door cut off isnt a issue - i cut that and spliced it 2 months ago because magnetic switch was bad. THermocoupler looks fine, igniter works, just wont send signal to motor. I swear i hear a click in the control box at the time when it would send signal to motor at startup. Any helps would be great - its 4 degrees in Northern NY
Does the red wire at the control box have any power to it?
red wire at the vac switch.
Is it on a thermostat?
The control box has power. Call light and exhaust fan turn on. I'll check the red wire to control and vac to see if they have power. I twisted the two thermostat wires together temporarily to see if the thermostat was the problem. Just connected it back, and its the same, call light is on. Ill post back in a couple after testing vac and control box
One red wire went to the vac switch- that was 106v, other went to exhaust blower which was fine. Tested power going to the augur while i was in there and it read 5v, which seems right because it wont turn on. Also tested all three snap discs again. 2 and 3 have continuity and 1 doesnt but it never has, I assumed it was meant to have continuity once it came time to operating temperature. I'm think control box, but hoping not
House voltage is fine. Its was 121v when i bench tested the augur motor. COuld bad control box send out low voltage to vac switch? I got that manual, and a slightly different service manual as well. Thank you though
COuld bad control box send out low voltage to vac switch
Yes. Did you test voltage at outlet/surge suppressor you have stove plugged into. Test voltage coming into the control board and unplug line that had 106v at vac switch and test . Bad switches do strange things sometimes. Be careful 121 volts has a good bite if you touch it and if you ground hot wire to stove body you will fry your control board.
voltage at outlet was 121v. Voltage at snap #3 was 120v. I jumped/bypassed the vacuum and still nothing. Took out control box and saw no scorch marks or bad caps. looks to me like its a bad control box not sending voltage to motor
Have you tried starting with heat switch on low or medium? Also check thermocouple connections and placement.

Appliance calls for heat.
Call light illuminates.
Exhaust blower starts.
No feed or igniter.

Thermocouple is defective or not properly
plugged in.
Check connections on thermocouple or
replace if defective.
A flashing yellow light on the control box
indicates a problem with the thermocouple

Defective control box
Replace control box.