code requirements for used tarm boiler

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Feeling the Heat
Nov 16, 2007
upstate ny
I am currently selling my big old house to downsize to another much smaller old house. I will be taking my old but good tarm 502 multifuel boiler (1982 model) with me. I may have to get ny state permits to install it this time. Does anyone know anything about installing used equipment and state codes. A response from a tarm dealer only gave the standards it was built for if it were installed new in the state of Maine in 82. Since it is not an outdoor boiler I think I will be able to re-use it. This is definitly the most clean burning wood burner I have ever used. I Don't have a problem installing it myself using all nys codes but I don't know if the actual boiler is acceptable to the new ny standards. Any info would be very helpfull.
People install Tarms in New York all the time. There's no difference that I can think of that would make a used boiler any less compliant than a new one. The codes you should be concerned about are probably more local than state-wide, though I don't really know that either. I don't read about many New Yorkers going to jail for installations that aren't up to code.

Obviously, things like Class A chimney connections, electrical up to code, pressure relief valves, low water cut-off switch (maybe) and smoke/CO detectors and fire extinguishers are all basic requirements of any safe instalation. I would act accordingly.
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