Combustion fan on pel pro

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New Member
Jan 21, 2024

Have a older pelpro insert. Stove was working great and one day my wife shut it off and i noticed the auger light was blinking. I read somethings and found out the pressure switch could be bad. I bypassed the pressure switch and saw the light was stopped blinking. I tried to start the stove to see if was going to work as a test. When i turned it on i notice the combustion fan wasnt on. I took the tee off of the back saw it was jammed with ash so i cleaned the liner and the tee. Took the motor off cleaned that and everyhting behind the motor thatvgoes to the stove. I took the whole stove apart and cleaned it throughly inside and out. I put everything back together including the combustion fan and used a good bead of high temp rtv to seal it. When i turned the stove on with the vaccum switch bypassed everything started as it should but then after a couple of minutes the combustion motor slowed down and when the stove lights the flame is lazy and you get a smell of smoke in the house for a tiny bit. Its acting like it needs more air from the combustion motor but its not turning fast enough. Idk if i have to have the new vaccum switch in so the combustion will operate right? Also to i noticed that the motor was getting pretty warm when it was running at low speeds. I did try unplugging the combustion fan motor and wiring a plug and trying that way and it didnrun perfect for 5 minutes plugged in. This is driving me nuts. Im hoping someone on here had thevsame problem and can help me out. Like i said again this stove is spot less.