ComfortBilt HP21 vs. Castle Serenity

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Mustard Tiger

New Member
Feb 13, 2024
Was previously set on a Castle Serenity for my 920 sq. ft. house with a 410sq ft loft, but now considering an upgrade to the Comfortbilt HP21 or HP22. Was told at the store today that either of the Comfortbilts would be fine for my space, and can run them on a lower setting and use the thermostat since my main concern was either of the Comfortbilts would be too much stove for my square footage. House is an A-frame style with a main floor and loft, so high ceilings with a ceiling fan at the apex. Plan would be to run the ceiling fan on reverse and the fan on the HVAC to circulate the hot air. The house also has an unfinished, unheated 920 sq. ft basement, but plan to run vents down there at some point in the future when I end up finishing the basement with another bedroom and half bath.

Pretty sure going from a Castle Serenity to a Comfortbilt HP21 is worth it, but would it be worth it jumping to the HP22 over the HP21?