Comforter Fireview Wood/Coal stove 1976

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Fire Water

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Oct 19, 2019
Buffalo WY
With my first post here with what I think is a undersung great wood /coal stove. The stove was in the house when I bought it, 8” class A chimney ,good non combustible protection in all the right directions. With the 7” oval outlet out the back someone sorta made fitting with a cleanout but it was starting to fail with screws giving up their hold. I inspected the flue and it was clean enough to use.
After cleaning it up and getting some nice stove wood I built an small fire and let burn awhile it works like a champ.
Now the downside, the stove was located in the worst location and not legal by any standard, it was 3’ from at one time the only exit from the basement 3’ from a bedroom door and just off the kitchen. I live here alone so I was / am careful and used it on the coldest days. 1 hr burn with one full load will make the house 80 deg. F everywhere and maybe a ‘ yule’ log for the night.
The house was built in 1938 and was the Nurses quarters until 1966 . Several poor attempts at remodeling led me gut room by room and relocate the stove into the living room. All new 6” class A Duravent , had the local Chimney guy do that, young man knew his trade.
So now I ‘m ready to move the stove and have to figure out this oval outlet and what and where do I get parts. What was on there was no good. I could not find anything that would fit, I had a local metal shop try to fabricate one, wrong on both ends.. I finally found a old forum that talked about my stove and had a link to Abundant Life who originally built the stove. Their still around and ther parts guy tells me a piece of 7” stove pipe pushed around to fit is the answer I had been seeking.
Vermont Casting makes a oval to 6” round that is close and on a taper, I simply measured how much I needed to cut off and get a nice tight fit. The stove is light tight now all the gasket are in fine working order ( still soft). It had a very light rust on a few parts a cleaned up very nice, no pitting .I-suspect the stove was never over fired and remains a very good stove. I have the doors and feet off. I couldn’t get the body of the stove as clean as the doors and feet. Wiped it down with acetone a painted it with high temp 2300 degree ceramic flat black paint. I will fire it up in the back yard before it goes in the house to flash off the volatiles and set the ceramic. Fortunately no one ran off the with the tools and the Fireview screen which I really like for ambianc. I am a week away from having the hearth done and sheetrock finished I will post pictures when done.
I was so frustrated with getting a good arrangement for that 7” oval outlet that I bought a new stove, not a good one either ( Country Hearth, China) I was dejected and wanted to use this stove, it was made to last generations and is very attractive stove with the bird and vine theme, clean them very nice stoves.
I would also like to give a shout out to Tractor Supply for being sports an taking that Country Heart stove back. I am pleased that the 1976 Comforter get to stay.


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I hope you don't plan on burning coal through that duravent chimney. I believe they are all 430 stainless which wont hold up to coal for more than a couple years.
I hope you don't plan on burning coal through that duravent chimney. I believe they are all 430 stainless which wont hold up to coal for more than a couple years.

Will not be burning coal , too much free dry standing spruce, aspen and pine. Not enough people to go get it.
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I'll bet you do have a rather good fuel supply. Nice part of the country. I spend time up at Burgess Jct. Fishing and generally goofing off!