Considering replacing my USSC 5500M

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mopar man

Jan 12, 2013
Brockway, PA
I have a 2012 model USSC 5500M that I use as my main heat source in the winter. It works well for the most part as long as I keep it on the lower heat settings. When I turn it up the burn pot gets backed up with ash and overflows. On top of that it is starting to rust and I think the draft fan will need to be replaced for this season.

I've been looking over the new models they have at my local TSC. I'm debating on which one to get. I like the idea of the single dial control on the PelPro vs. the touch screen on the Grand Teton stoves, but I've seen some bad reviews either way. Just looking them over in person they are built very similar like they come from the same factory. Price wise there is no difference. I just have to drive a little further for one over the other.

With one would recommend? PelPro, Grand Teton, or should I go with another King? I'd like something that can heat 2000+ square feet so I don't have to run it hard all the time.
I have both a PP130 and a USSC 6500.

They both work fairly well. Either one can be connected to a wall thermostat (need an adapter for the PP130).

My USSC stove took a little work getting all the settings dialed in, but after that it works great.

On both of them, keeping them clean is the most important thing.

For me personally I would get the stove you have figured out, but I don't like spending $$ on replacing things if it isn't needed.

If you just want a new stove, then I would say the PP130 is functional but pretty basic.