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nate379 Posted By nate379, Apr 6, 2013 at 11:02 PM

  1. downeast

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    Hey Nate you got some problems that are not gear related. Boots ? Whaaaaat ?
    If you had fallen as you said, WHAT THE H ARE YOU DOING CUTTING ON TOP OF A PILE OF LOGS ????
    And Nate, are you using full protection ( no, not that kind ) ? Kinda like PPE ?

    Never, ever buck wood on top of a log length pile. Never. The insurance would throw us out of the woods, any Forester or Professional logger would shoot you on the spot for that foolishness.

    If you need to ask why, put away the saw.

    Get a peavy, a pulphook, an ATV with line TO PULL THE GD LOGS ON THE GROUND ( LOG LENGTHS UNDER THE PILE ANYHOW so you cut above dirt ).

  2. nate379

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    I don't think you took the time to read what I wrote, but yes I use PPE, that is why I bought these boots vs my Walmart cheapos. I am a professional woodcutter... started my business last year. Nope I'm not going to shoot myself for foolishness :p

    Falling off a roof had nothing to do with cutting wood, I was replying to someone that was talking about climbing tall scaffolding all day.

    I pile the logs 5-6ft high. I use a small corner of a 10acre lot and I don't have a ton of room to spread out... Room for 30-40 cords in logs and and a spot for my dumptruck, splitter, etc... bout it.

    Most of the time I can cut everything from standing on the ground but once in a while it works better to climb up a few logs.

    This isn't my first rodeo... and my insurance doesn't give two craps about how I cut wood.
  3. downeast

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    Dear Nate:
    From what you say, you are ready for getting hurt.
    Not to put you down, BUTT just be careful.
    A long time ago in another career our instructors ( advanced military training ) told and showed us and smashed into our too well educated and ranked heads Situational Awareness. This has stayed with me long after
    the end of service and other careers and games. It is the fact of always knowing where you are, the risks of injury or death, and how to protect yourself. No need
    to do macho.
    Applies to my later in life harvesting firewood every year ( 7-8 cords plus pulp and blowdowns ) by going through Certified Logging Professional training after slicing myself with a saw, rock/ice climbing,
    building and roofing our place, blue water sailing.
    Being scared is part of life. It's my fun to go to the edge as long as I know what that edge is, and how I can minimize the risks. So, if those "nailed" boots will solve your problem,
    get 'em. Best however to use the one piece of gear that will save your ass: brain.
    Hill Street Blues: "be careful out there".

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