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Jan 12, 2009
SW Virginia
I do not like President Trump. I think he is a boor, a lout and that anything he does for the military or veterans is based in guilt. I think he may be a criminal. I have thought this about him long before he was elected. I am speaking of him as a man, not as the president, nor of his performance as a president. That said, the 'orange anus" comment is way over the top as it is directed at him and his performance as POTUS.
My sentiments, exactly. There’s a lot to dislike on a personal level, his behavior is just embarrassing, but I have a pretty high opinion of his job performance. I have benefitted very substantially from his election.
Given my race, income bracket, profession, sexual orientation, etc. I'm sure I"ve benefitted much from President 45's performance.
That said, I'd trade those gains in a sec. to better ensure the future of my children and the economic and environmental sustainability of our civilization.


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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
This thread has wandered too often into the political weeds. My bad, I should have shut it down days ago and missed the orange anus comment. I know it's hard not to get into politics when the deaths and cases from this disease as so high here, but that discussion is meant for another forum on a different site. Time to put a fork into this one.
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