Decorative curved facade fence - on the cheap

webbie Posted By webbie, May 16, 2007 at 4:41 PM

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    Webwidow wanted a fence on the side of the house - a detail that will hide the air conditioner, gas meter and also enhance the style of the front gardens. I decided to do it on the cheap, so used:

    Pressure treated 4x4 - I made the little tops by cutting into them with a circular saw - they are set approx 3 ft deep with some dirt and some concrete around bases.
    2x4's (kiln-dried) as cross members - notched into the 4x4 for strength
    2x4's (kiln dried) ripped in 1/2 the long way with a point put on them using cheapo table saw
    All mating surfaces were primed prior to assembly - it will all be painted in place (soon).

    Total material cost less than $100.

    Two details -
    notice the use of a bent thin piece of wood to figure out arch
    bottom of fence follows the slope of the ground for a custom look.

    I think it will look great once painted and also webwidow intends to have plants poking through it.

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