Denver Pellet Availability and Brands..

Fairwind Posted By Fairwind, Nov 29, 2018 at 12:20 PM

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    Nov 21, 2015
    Out here in the Mountain States, especially in urban areas, most wood fuel pellets are sold by either HD or Lowe's. These big box stores seasonally stock large quantities of pellets and sell them at attractive prices. This year, $249 a ton or $5.20 a bag..Locally, Lowe's is selling the GreenTree brand while HD sells the Heat'rs brand. Both are made by Forest Energy Corp. The two brands are considerably different. The GreenTree brand (Lowe's) are made of Douglas Fir by a mill in Calpalla, CA. The Heat'rs brand (HD) are made in Show Low, AZ. The GreenTree brand pellets are light blond in color, long (1" to 1.3" long, very few fines. They burn with reasonably low ash and decent heat output. I would rate them acceptable..The Heat'rs pellets are much darker in color, and much shorter pellet length, 1/4" to 3/4" . I'm burning a bag right now, so far so good. .More info later..It's later..The Heat'rs pellets from HD are usable but they leave twice the ash of GreenTree. As many have discovered, the darker the color, the more ash they will produce...I would use these only as a last resort..
    The BEST pellets I have ever used are the Lignetics brand made by a mill in Sandpoint, ID. These pellets are noticeably superior in all aspects. Almost no fines. Very low ash. outstanding heat output. But they are hard to find here and when you do find them they are considerably more expensive than the more common brands.
    Other observations.. Lowe's and HD are not very careful about where they store their pellets..They are usually stacked up outside. While the unbroken pallets (50 bags, one ton) are usually well wrapped up, any open pallets can be exposed to the weather and quickly rendered unusable. As the season drags on, stored pellets become more exposed to the weather. Inspect what you are buying carefully..
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    Glad I live 35 miles from Sandpoint. Pellets are 175 ton or 200 at Ace with 45 to deliver. North Idaho Energy Logs has good pellets too. Have tried 3 types all the same in my Harmon XXV. Only downside is buying pellets vs free wood before. But no Ash like Wood

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