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    My name is Rob and I'm an intern architect and have a few questions about direct vent gas fireplace layouts. I have a client that wants a direct vent fireplace on a interior wall with a balcony above, she saw it in a magazine somewhere, so this eliminates any chance to vent through the roof, the room with the fireplace is a two story space but the room behind on the main level has a 8'-0" ceiling. (10'-0" flr. to flr.) is it possible to jog the vent at a 90 deg. angle and run for about 8 ft. and then vent at the exterior wall? Are there any special requirements/code issues for running the vent in a soffit?


    Yes, this is possible. Each direct vent unit has it's own instructions that state how far you can go horizontal for a certain vertical rise. The piping is available in two sizes, smaller units use a 6 5/8 OD, while larger units use a, 8 5/8 OD. Be sure to get a hold of the manual before you buy one !

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