Do Pellets need to be Rotated?


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Sep 10, 2018
Newport, Wa
I have Harmon XXV. Had it since 2018 and we are burning about 3.5 tons. I have 2 Tons leftover from last year. Should I rotate them? I was going to ask gun to move them out before new ones if it's necessary. They are out of weather in Bay of Building. No Animals have got into the bags that I can tell. Worth Rotating? I can't imagine pellets going bad unless some mice or such chewed into bags for fun.


Minister of Fire
Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
Yes I rotate the bags 180 deg at least once a year so that I get even wear (smart ass)
You don't have to use them first I do only because I want to for no other reason
As long as they are kept dry they will last for years
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