Does anyone have an export/sell all solar setup? I can get a sell all system that pays .29 kwh.

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Minister of Fire
Sep 20, 2013
Branford, CT
Looking to expand my 8 year old 5.4 kw solar system to cover a potential electric car and another heat pump. I am grandfathered in with my existing system for 20 years with 1 to 1 net metering. Eversource our local utility will only allow a sell all net metering setup for existing solar customers to expand. The rate is .29 kwh locked in for 20 years. Based off my production from my 5.4 kw system it seems an expansion will have a similar return on investment of around 6 years. Does anyone have a sell all net metering plan?

Additional solar generation​

If you already have solar and are installing additional generation at your home, the new system will be separately metered and receive the Buy-All Incentive.


Hmmm, hard to tell if this is a good deal or not.

It does seem like the compensation is similar to a net metered system at a quick glance. Looks like you will be giving up your RECs for 20 years, but they are adding ~3 cents/kWh for that.

What I'd want to find out is whether they will charge the fixed fees (customer or meter charge) on the second meter, effectively doubling the fixed charges which won't be directly offset by the solar generation since they are not per kWh charges. Also, will there be any other additional monthly charges they don't mention in the overview.