Done being an employee (by choice)

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Burning Hunk
Dec 24, 2018
Me too, fellow PE but won’t make 55. That’s almost too long to not be in management. Seems the “doers” age out when their hourly rate goes too high compared to fresh grads.
I am in a unique position that does not involve consulting/billing rates any longer, so that helps. However I did say 'by' 55, so it could be sooner as long as chit doesn't hit the fan. 😆

I'm probably considered a Boglehead/F.I.R.E. hybrid, although not a staunch follower of either movement. Started using similar tactics long before I heard of either.

Oh, and I don't plan to quit working, just find something else to do that's easier on the cranium.
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Minister of Fire
Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
I am not an active Boglehead and too old for FIRE but I always lived below my means, I just learned a lot from my dad and decided to go the conservative route versus the gambling route. A gambler will always tell you about their winnings but rarely about their losses. I have some stocks that my dad convinced me to buy with paper route money. I think I bought the GTE (former phone company) shares for about the same price I bought a 10 speed Schwinn bike when I was 15. I still have both, the Schwinn isnt worth much but the Verizon shares are worth 20K.

I must admit I do not mind Vanguard PFS managing my investments. The cost is cheap and the return is well above the cost. The market and the news goes up and down but I dont worry about it. My rule is anything under 10% decline is just "noise"