Earth Stove 906

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Feeling the Heat
Dec 5, 2019
New Plymouth, Idaho
I noticed this wood stove has been discussed a couple of times over the years. So this is what it looks like. And yes it is a smoke dragon but as one person commented it looks modern. I liked the looks of this stove so picked it up for cheap and totally modified it. I removed the primary Air from coming in from the back and put in a window air wash system and have the air regulated from the front. Installed three stainless steel burn tubes with bricks on top for baffle. It holds a fire for a long time and has a very nice secondary burn. What I like about it is the large fire box and the brass trim. The wood handles on the door. are original as far as I know.

Why they put in a window with no way to keep the smoke off is a puzzle to me. I had to install the air wash system on the bottom and sides because of the way the door closes. It is installed in my shop for right now.

Earth Stove 906 Earth Stove 906 Earth Stove 906 Earth Stove 906
That sounds like a big improvement. Do you have any pictures of the fire and secondary burn?
begreen, I always take video and pictures of stoves I sell but not my shop stove, ha. I added 3/8 steel plating on the top side of the bricks on back and sides. It seems to hold a good hot fire for a long time. I need to make a correction on the door as they put three slots on the bottom of the door bringing in air to keep the glass clean. It was an interesting design but would guess not real effective.

I will try to send a picture next time I build a fire in it.
Here are some pictures I took today of this wood stove with secondary burn. The last picture the stove was at 500 degrees which looks like the perfect storm inside. Zero smoke from the stack.

Earth Stove 906 Earth Stove 906 Earth Stove 906
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Mine did have one but I removed it. It was on the back of the wood stove in the middle. It is a metal rectangle shaped box with a metal flapper on top sometimes there is a metal flapper that needs to be lifted to see it. The bottom of the metal shaft opens to let air in the wood stove inside back bottom. There is a dial on the right top back of the stove. This is based on you standing in front of it. The stove has a bimetal spring that controls or regulates the heat connected to the metal flapper. This is usually in a small box on the back of the stove connected to the knob.