EBAY: STIHL-056AV-CHAINSAW-WITH-24-BAR Wudda ya think?

SmokeyCity Posted By SmokeyCity, Nov 30, 2012 at 7:19 PM

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    The post says that it is SOLD. Not sure if you bought it or not, but I would not recomment buying saws on Ebay from my personal bad experiences. Saws tend to be in worse shape than described, and you cannot tell from photos and words what they are like. The other problem with older Stihl AV saws is that dealers are not carrying that many parts for them any more. Stihl OEM engine parts are REALLY spendy, if you can find them. Bailey's no longer has an aftermarket P&C kit for the 056 listed. I do not know where anyone sells a cylinder for an 056 any more. You can get pistons, but not jugs. There is one used one on Ebay now... that's it. For that reason I sold all my older AV Stihl saws after I rebuilt a few of them. The all metal saws are also heavy and the AV is not that great. The AV mounts on the 056 are weak and often need replacing over and over again. They are also notorious for engine failures. They are the beast, and depending on the model, they range from 80-90cc and 5.5-6.5 HP.

    Personally? For that range of power, I would rather run a 044/440 as they are lighter, have way better AV, and are far easier to manage. You can also get parts for them and for the time being they are still being sold new. The 440 stock has the same power as the 056AV, and with a dual port mufler cover fom a 460 you can push them to 6 HP. You can find them used here for about $400 or so in good shape. The 440 is one of the best saws that Stihl ever made... in my, and many other opinions.

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