educate me on homeowner tractor/loader/backhoe, please.

RAY_PA Posted By RAY_PA, May 24, 2012 at 3:40 PM

  1. Jags

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    Aug 2, 2006
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    Oh, I can only imagine what is coming out of the newer machines. Things do tend to get better with time. A wet clutch could be just the ticket. So with the wet clutch is it still a gear drive (positive connection) with none of the converter slip? I am guessing so. That would be pretty cool.
  2. MasterMech

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    Exactly so. All grip, no slip. I still like the eHydro's for all around use (LoadMatch system makes getting the most out of the hydro foolproof) but if maximum power to the ground is your primary concern, it's hard to beat a wet clutch setup for durability.

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