Eko 40 door issue

rasmukin Posted By rasmukin, Nov 17, 2012 at 6:08 PM

  1. rasmukin

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    Nov 17, 2012
    3 year user of an eko 40. Cleaning and serving the boiler today for this winter. Replaced the door after cleaning and noticed I could turn the door handle 360 degrees. The small piece of iron that locks the handle, has been slowly wearing over the past 3 years. I can see the bright shine on the back side of that iron piece. There is not enough material to keep the door tightly shut. Any eko owners seeing wear on that small piece?
  2. mr.fixit

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    Dec 27, 2009
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    You can try taking the play out of the handle shaft to pull the door in tighter. Here's a thread (or 2)that goes over alot https://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/eko-25-smoke-smell-how-can-i-limit-this.79311/#post-1014513 https://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/eko-door-gasket-flip.65106/#post-814072

    Now if that small lip that the door cam latches on is actually worn off,it's probably going to need a weld job.

    If you look closely at the tube that the handle shaft goes through,it mushrooms or wears slightly on the outer side(handle side).By taking up the slack on this side it moves the latching cam making for a tighter seal.

    I have found that taking the play out of the handle shaft,whether taking the handle off and adding a spacer or wrapping copper wire around the shaft to take up the slack,really pulls the door in tighter.

    Still on my original gasket,but I do have the new one here on hand.

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