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musclecar joe Posted By musclecar joe, Sep 19, 2010 at 4:34 PM

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    Has anyone ever used a standard Electric Hot water tank as a back up for their wood boiler?

    I am thinking about intalling one within my circulation loop so that when the temp on the wood boiler drops the electric can kick on and keep the water temp up enough to provide heat for a very short time.

    My main concern is; I am not sure if I tie my 1 1/4 inch copper circulating loop on the wood boiler into the 3/4 connection of standard electric hot water tank am I restricting the circulation flow too much or is is incidental in the function of the wood boiler? Please understand this is not to be used as a primary back up heater but only as a source to keep wood boiler up to temp for an hour or two until it is re loaded. Please share your thoughts.


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