Enamel dull, advice to restore?

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Jun 28, 2022
Hiya, I’ve acquired a very old Faure “L’Antra” stove from the 1930s - it’s in pretty good condition and I’ve restored most of it, currently having a blacksmith make up a nice spacer as per the original Faure Pere Et Fils magazine article picture.

My question is, the enamel is quite dull, a wet cloth over the top shows all the detail but I can’t seem to find a product that will permanently bring back that glossy shine, any advice?

I’ve tried a few suggestions here with cleaners, from alcohol, baking soda and finally vinegar but no use so far. There’s a few chips too and from what I’ve read perhaps Jotul blue black touch up might be best to use?

image.jpg image.jpg ADB939FF-998E-424E-B45B-9FCB8684F84F.png
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The stove has a nice patina. The finish is similar to the Jotul's blue-black finish which is not glossy. Perhaps this is not majolica enamel with its glossy clear coat?