Englander 10-CPM under performing?

bluelinebrotha Posted By bluelinebrotha, Nov 9, 2012 at 12:27 AM

  1. bluelinebrotha

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    Nov 7, 2012
    Hi All,

    New here to the pellet world. I purchased a second hand, 2009 era Englander 10-CPM multifuel. I burn Maine Pellets from Home Depot, and also the "Green" pellets when the Maine ones are not available. My issues so far:

    1 - After a cleaning, it is still not producing the heat like it did the first day we put it in. We were averaging 72 in the direct path and all other rooms around it and upstairs were about 65. Now, it's about 20-30 degrees cooler outside, but we're averaging 64 in the direct path and high 50's in all other rooms on setting 5, and we barely hit 68 when it's on 9/9. The bottom numbers are set to default and it's on pellet mode, 1-4-1.

    2 - Seems like we're going through two bags a day now, rather than one. Not sure why consumption has gone up, but heat gone way way down.

    3 - The unit is VERY noisy, will be posting a video. I've heard other stoves and they are not quiet, but they are not this loud either. Maybe something is mechanically wrong?

    Any input would be helpful! Also, we are not running the OAK, but we have all the parts to it. The manual says it's necessary, two people who install stoves told me it's not. I'll do whatever it takes to get consumption down and heat output back up. Help!

    Link to the video, it'l be up in about 20 minutes or so. Still uploading to youtube!
  2. Harman Lover 007

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    Mike Holton, the Senior Tech at Englander Stoves is an active participant here. He can be very busy this time of year but hang in there he checks in quite often. Get ready to get chastised for not having your OAK hooked up....it's mandatory on those stoves.
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    The OAK needs hooked up. It is not an "option" with Englander Stoves. It is mandatory. Although your heat output wont go up, just from that
    But the stove is not properly hooked up, according to the manual.

    The noise you are hearing sounds like the back plate on the stove. There are several bolts up and down the backside of the unit. Try tightening them up, or pushing on the plate in different spots to get it to stop. It could be the convection blower? Maybe its loose or out of balance? Have you removed the back cover and tried to troubleshoot?

    Is the air output out of the front still similar? (Flow/Velocity) When was the last time the e stove was cleaned (behind firebrick)? Have you tried raising the LFF? I get good results with 3-5-1 or 4-6-1.

    Have you talked to the Tech crew at Englander? They are there to help you......

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