Englander 25 cab-80 ash in the burn pot issue

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Feb 24, 2014
New Brunswick, Canada
I bought a new ( 2nd week so far) Englander 25 cab 80. Have had a pelpro 120 for years and finally said no more parts...lol
I know the Englander is a different manufacturer but it seems like it doesn't clear ash very well from the burn pot. A simple problem to fix on the pelpro, but not the same with this Englander. Basend on my pelpro experience it seems like the combustion fan is not running fast enough. I read a number of forums on here that talk about the 25-pvd ( not the same model) and they say the 3 settings should have a variety of values depending on the post i read 4-6-1 on average. On my cab 80 all settings are at 1 1 1. I didn't want to change them without hearing from someone on here that they have had experience doing it. The ash piles up in the pot around the edges and eventually it piles up and pellets don't burn properly/completley. The first 6 bags were premium softwood pellets, and the next 6 were premium hardwood, hoping for a change.. other than the hardwood being a bit hotter and the ash not being as fine, i had the same result. Ash pile up in 8 to 10 hours, glass turns black, and i have to scoop out a little bit of ash twice a day to keep the fire burning properly.
This doesnt seem like its working properly.

Yes i have an OAK, I have a 3 inch vent which i cleaned top to bottom when i put the new stove in, and i did the 1st start process.
Any advice? I may have to just break down and call the 1 800 number.


Burning Hunk
Dec 27, 2010
Hudson Valley, NY
I don't have any experience with that model. I did have a 25-EP for many years and if it's similar, the only bottom setting that would increase air is the middle LBA button and 1 seems low. Also, if it's similar to the other Englanders like the one I had, the Low burn air and Low fuel Feed only have an effect on heat settings 1 and 2. Anything above that was unaffected by those buttons anyway. But again, yours is newer and may have changed. Is the flame strong and active or lazy and do you have outside air connected? It sort of sounds like a lack of air. By the way, I got the least amount of ash with sure softwood and it was fluffier so it moved away easier.

Sorry, I'm not much help, but that model stove seems newer less common. I don't think I've seen many posts about that one yet. You can wait or call Englander to see what the bottom 3 numbers should be at factory default which is a good idea. 111 seems low. I doubt you could hurt anything by just increasing the LBA button to see if it makes any difference. All it does is speed up the combustion blower a little and probably just in heat setting 1 and 2 which is why they call it Low burn air and low burn fuel.