Englander 25-PDV E-2 code

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New Member
Aug 29, 2021
Midcoast Maine
I didn't see exactly my situation come up via search.

The stove does not get out of the startup mode and eventually returns an E-2 code, even when there is a robust flame. Both augers appear to function as they should.

I have replaced the door ajar vacuum sensor and replaced the hose on the combustion motor vacuum sensor.

I have replaced the combustion blower motor and gaskets.

I have removed and cleaned the room air blower and installed with a new gasket

I checked the temp sensor in the diagnostics and it read "8" + "4" which I think indicates a good sensor.

This stove was in my house when I bought it. I have been through lots of other faults and error codes with this thing and this is where I have ended up.


Feeling the Heat
Feb 8, 2012
Southern Maine
My initial thinking is that you have a heat sensor / thermocouple issue. I'd check to make sure it is making good contact with the firebox first. If that doesn't work then I'd replace it.

You may need to clean it due to corrosion and it doesn't hurt to add some thermal paste, either.



Minister of Fire
Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
Your proof of fire sensor is not getting warm enough. Dirty?
bad connection not working?


New Member
Aug 29, 2021
Midcoast Maine
So connecting with England's Stove Works' very helpful tech support, they concluded that the 8 + 4 reading (room temperature) of the temperature sensor in the diagnostics indicates that the temperature sensor is working. However, the room air blower coming on right when I turn on the stove, rather than once it gets to temperature, is a tell that the main circuit board is bad.

I had ordered a new temperature sensor which I will have to return. I also ordered a new circuit board, PU-CB04 which comes with a temperature sensor, and installed it. Now on hand-start, the stove comes out of startup, no E-2 error, the room air blower comes on, and the stove has run with both augers, etc., for almost a day. I know my automatic ignitor does not work.

I don't know how to tell you how to recognize a bad circuit board beyond this experience. As noted above, the stove passed all the component diagnostic tests. Note that this stove is less than 10 years old. Also, I replaced other parts -- the door vacuum sensor and the combustion blower motor -- chasing this down. I don't really mind as the door sensor is not expensive and the combustion blower is, thankfully, much quieter.