Englander 25 PDV - Randomly shutting down

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Dec 28, 2021
Western PA
Loved my Englander 25 PDV when I bought it 13 years ago, ran like a champ. Due to a move, I put the stove in storage (my garage) for about 10 years.

Recently, attempted to bring my Englander back to life to heat my garage for winter projects with my son. It fired right up in the driveway, installing it a couple day.

My issue: The stove will start up properly, no errors, set at 6-4-1. The stove will run randomly (a half hour to 3 hours) like it should. Without any error codes, the stove will shut down (top auger will stop feeding pellets).

Upon attempting a restart after the sudden shutdown, the stove does not go into the proper Start Up mode (no error codes). The stove will NOT feed pellets from the top auger (the bottom auger works). Also, the blower kicks back on within a minute or two (no heat, but kicks on).

Both auger motors work (cross wire tested and will both turn when you hold down the ON /OFF buttons at the same time). I cleaned out the "Door Ajar" port. I checked both rubber hoses for vacuum loss. I eventually bypassed both Vacuum Shut Down Switches, no luck.

After removing all power, cooling down for hours, the unit will start up again, but again no luck.

Any additional suggestions / fixes?
Hopper lid good and tight?
Try the unplug wait, then plug back in deal?
2 easy ones...

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Thank you for the response.

The model does not have a lid sensor (on tight either way).

Unplugging and restarting does not work (stuck in a cycle that has the blower fan kicking back in on restart). Tomorrow morning the stove will fire up (long wait in between successful restarts).

Will shut off within an half hour to 3 hours, then back to shut down mode, unplugging, wait for the next day.
Sounds like the board has failed.