Englander 25-PDVC controller questions

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New Member
Feb 4, 2023
Hello. I got a used Englander 25-PDVC pellet stove. I thoroughly cleaned the burn chamber, air intake tube. Removed the exhaust fan and vacuumed those passages in as far as I could shove the flexible vac hose. First, as soon as the stove is plugged in the bottom auger starts running and keeps running until power is removed from the stove. The stove doesn’t start to ignite or run any blowers or the hopper auger until the Start button is pushed. Goes into (5 U) start up. Has always started and run normally. Other than the down button for blower doesn’t work. Up/Down for feed works. Blower stick at 9. The bottom three settings are 4-7-3. Can’t adjust them down. Does anyone have a schematic for the co trial panel? Would rather not spend $400 if available .
I don't have a schematic, but it does sound as though you have a bad board. Coincidentally, in order to change the lower 3 (at least on my stoves) both heat range and blower motor arrow buttons need to be pressed.

The button should be an easy replacement if you're good with electronics and are patient. The components are surface mounted and it is very easy to pull up the circuit trace (ask how I know). The other items for the auger (triac and optoisolator) are also obtainable, but again, use caution.