Englander 25 pdvc pellet consumption high

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Jan 16, 2011
eastern kansas
I'm running my stove on 1 and the room blower on 9 the 3 button on bottom are set at 3,4,1....I know the factory setting is 641....I'm using a bag of pellets in ten hours and it's on the lowest setting. Any ideas to make pellets last longer....my house is 1500 sq ft and it's -3 out and on lowest setting it keeps my house at 73.
did you buy this stove new? have the auger motors been changed?
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I think my 25 PVDC stove is running on the factory default settings and I've been running on heat setting number 1 and my stove makes it about 22 hours +/- on a bag. Yours should do the same feed rate as mine if the 3-button setting were the same. Room blower setting doesn't affect it but I'm running mine on 3 or 4. As mentioned, maybe the auger motor has been replaced with the wrong one and it feeds faster than it's supposed to. Keep in mind that if your bag of pellets lasts 22 hours, you'll probably freeze your tush off and have to turn the stove up to a higher setting if you're only getting 10 hours out of a bag now.
I do seem to recall some posts a couple of years ago where there were a batch that had the wrong speed auger motor from the factory, 2 RPM instead of one.