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psychoframer Posted By psychoframer, Oct 22, 2008 at 1:46 PM

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    Oct 22, 2008
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    New to this forum, but I must say that it is comprehensive.

    Although I searched the archives I didn't really see anything on my particular stove, I'm guessing that's because it is so old. Having said that, old doesn't mean bad. Even with the price increase in pellets we've seen a savings of over 50% as compared to heating with our forced air furnace. I bought the stove used and it came with a manual. It's a double auger system that slowly pushes the pellets forward into the firebox. The stove gives off great heat (the stove is in the basement and actually heats our whole house), but I never feel that it is as efficient as it should be. For example, I had it on 3 (fuel feed) and 5 (air flow) which went through a bag in about 16 hours. I clean the firebox out everyday, but I often feel that I'm just knocking a lot of unburnt pellets out of the burnpot. If I up the air flow its as if the exchange tubes don't have enough time to build up heat and we are just blowing air. Is there an adjustment I should make to the bottom auger or could it be that my air intake is clogged?
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