Canada Englander 25PVD

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Jan 3, 2015
BC Canada
Hi all.
I have had my stove for 3 years now and today is the first on many uninterrupted starts. I hope. Lol
Ever since new my stove has not started everytime. I was talking to the warranty guy in Canada and he put it down to a faulty igniter. They shipped me a new one and in the mean time he said just go to Canadian Tire a get a bottle of starter fluid. Said it way faster to get stove going. Any way that's the way I have been running it till now. At the need of season last year the stove was burning low and dirty so I have been on vacation for the past week so decided to tear it down and spring ( fall ) clean it. I had all the gaskets on hane for the rebuild. I also put the new igniter in at this time, fired her up and no start. Shoot now what. Searched a few chat blogs and came across a guy with same problem. Turns out that there is a hole not seen inside the igniter tube that supplies the hot air to fire the pellets. I took the igniter out again and saw the hole and it looked fine, but this other guy was told to take out the plug on outside of tube and push a nail or drill through it. Well mine was plugged solid. Put it back together and what do you know. It fired right up..
It looked like rust on the end of nail not soot. Can anyone tell me what would cause this hole to plug,, could it have been like that from the factory. ????
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