Englander vs Breckwell?

Caruzza Posted By Caruzza, Aug 30, 2008 at 11:14 PM

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  1. Caruzza

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    Aug 30, 2008
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    I have recently purchased the Englander pellet stove (1500 sq ft model from Home Depot) and the whole setup (stove and Simpson Dura Vent chimney system) cost about $1800. I came across a Breckwell pellet stove which heats 2000 sq ft and has a larger hopper capacity (and an ashbin which the Englander does not have) which I can get delivered for about $1600; it would be about $1850 total with the chimney setup. I am hoping I made the right purchase as the Englander (my brother has one and loves it - he services it himself and has had the company help him considerably at no cost) had a lot of praise and it seems Breckwell, according the posts I saw on this site, has some reliablity/customer service issues.
    I have a raised ranch in the northeast and I would put it on my top level which is 1500 sq ft and well insulated. Any input and advice would be greatly appreciated as I am a newbie to this whole process.
  2. BrotherBart

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    You own the stove. Your family member loves the same stove. Advice is:

    Install the sucker.
  3. webbie

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    I don't know....if I was going out shopping and saw those two stoves - one with a larger output, hopper, ash pan and presumably newer design (a guess), I very well may have chosen the Breckwell. Truth is, a lot of our members have purchased Englander pellet stoves for $800 to $1200 (sales, end of season, etc.) and that puts them in a price point much lower than others on the market. It is a different thing when the price point is closer. Then you have to compare styles, warranties, capacities, etc. and make the choice based on the value for the buck.
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