England's Stove Works 55-SHPEPI Auger Issue

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Nov 14, 2023
Upstate, NY
Hello all. I'm having trouble with my Englander pellet insert.

I stupidly left the hopper full at the end of last season. Moisture got in there and the auger was caked and seized up. After a rigorous cleaning and removing the auger from the housing, it operated great for a few days.

Then I noticed that it was not throwing heat like it should. Believing it was the door gasket, I switched that out. Now the auger won't turn at all. I'm not sure if I have a bad auger motor--and maybe the whimpy heat was a sign it was going bad--or maybe I screwed something up when changing the door gasket. I believe there is a safety function where the auger won't turn if it detects the door is open.

Yesterday I took the auger out again and removed some fines and pellets, thinking maybe it was jammed. No dice.

Side note--I put my hand on the auger motor. When it was jammed before, it was vibrating which was a sign the motor was good. I didn't detect any vibration this time, but when my hand glanced across some wires beneath the motor, I got a not so pleasant shock.

I plan to call Englander today for their take, but figured it wouldn't hurt to get some opinions here.

Thank you all in advance.
Check your hopper, the auger won’t turn if the lids not closed properly either
I called tech, we bypassed the vacuum switch and it’s running fine. Still not sure if it’s putting out heat like it used to. Might have to change the window gasket too.
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