Enviro Ef3 auger jamming

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New Member
Dec 14, 2022
Nova Scotia Canada
Hoping someone might have some advice for me. I’m new to the forum and new to pellet stoves. I just bought a used enviro EF3 and installed it with new Selkirk chimney. Stove is generally in good shape. The previous owner put a new auger motor on it before he sold it. When I bought it I put a new plate and lower bushing in it. Had problems with the stove staying running more than 15 minutes but I bypassed the low limit and determined I need a new one. The real issue I’m having now is the auger jams up a couple times a day. I have to take a rod and poke it up the chute where it falls into the burn box. I work 13hours a day usually and can’t be around babysitting it when the auger jams. I’m burning fresh eastern ember pellets. Anyone know why the auger is jamming?
How long are your pellets anything over about an inch will jam
especially if all the pellets or most of them are over an inch and a half.
Take your low-limit switch out and clean the ash on it
you may not need a new one Ash is a very good insulator
also start your fires with a little higher pellet feed and
when the fire has established itself adjust it to your comfort level
Helps to bring the exhaust to over 120::F faster
Good stove mine is in its 22 year of operation with few problems.
Pull your auger. Clean your auger, the tube, and the dump tube. They may look clean, but I bet if you rub your fingers on/in them, it "grabs" your fingers. This is lignin, from pellets and heat, over time.