Enviro Empress FPI Lighting Problems - Any ideas?

PelletFiend Posted By PelletFiend, Oct 18, 2011 at 9:57 AM

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  1. PelletFiend

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    OK - we've got a 3 year old Enviro Empress FPI that has been great. Starting last Feb, we had some lighting issues, and finally had the service folks over at the end of the season to fix it - they concluded it was in need of a good cleaning.

    This Fall same issues - won't light. Here's the scenario.

    Push the light button, and the auger starts, some pellets drop and the ignition fires up. The ignition sequence never "sticks" on the first few tries, and the auger will turn but only sometimes the pellets drop. The fire is essentially starved of fuel, and the thing goes into shut-down mode because the stove isn't up to temperature (my hunch) when it is supposed to, and the convection fan never comes on.

    Push the lighter button again, then again and it will usually fire up on try #3; which is about an hour later and everyone is cold and grumpy.

    Once the stove is running, the top 3 settings run reasonably well and there is good heat. My gut tells me that the auger motor or controller isn't quite getting enough fuel into the box.

    Pellets - Running Lignetics green and Spruce Points - generally average length to shorter, so I feel like the auger isn't clogged or starved due to long pellets. I have run these in past years and they run great.
    Pellet Bin - I vacuumed it recently, so there is no build up down the bottom of the thing preventing pellets from getting into the auger.

    Is there any adjustment to be made to something? Is the controller board shot? Any thoughts?

    Before I call the shop again, I need to have a bead on some problem areas because i don't want the "cleaner" out again, I need the "repair" person......

  2. jtakeman

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    I would start by checking out the auger. If it starts stahling this sort of thing happens. Looking at the timing chart on feed rate 3 the auger should make a full rev every 2.5 minutes or so. You should also notice the motor itself gets pretty hot when the box starts binding/stahling.
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