Enviro Maxx Auger not turning

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New Member
Jan 18, 2020
Forum members came through the last time I had a problem. Hoping you guys might have the answer for this new issue with my Enviro Maxx.

Sounds like motor is trying to turn (buzzing / humming noise when auger light is illuminated) but the auger doesn’t budge. Removed auger cover and cleared the pellets out, but the auger still won’t turn. Igniter comes on and will burn pellets if I throw them in the hopper by hand and blowers are working, but the auger just won’t turn.

Anybody ever have this issue on their Enviro Maxx?

Thanks much
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Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
Remove the wires at the auger motor and feed the auger 120
volts with an old lamp cord. If it does not move remove the motor
try to turn the auger by hand (should turn easley) If it doesn't
turn remove it and find out why. If it does move retest the auger motor
on the bench if it does not work replace it.
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