Enviro Milan thermostat install

md2002 Posted By md2002, Oct 9, 2012 at 3:28 PM

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    Oct 18, 2011
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    Last year I kept my stove on 24/7 once the winter really hit ( January - March) this year I would like to do the same but was thinking a thermostat may help save some pellet usage rather than having the stove on all the time. This is a 3 part question:

    1) Where can I get a thermostat? I Googled the obvious and just came up with manuals and nothing came up as to where I could buy a thermostat

    2) How hard or easy is it to install. I would like to save money and do it myself. I haven't looked at the manual yet because I'm at work so the instructions on how to install may be in there.

    3) Is a thermostat worth having? The dealer originally told me the Tstat would kill the ignitor and he doesn't recommend them?

    I'm just looking to save on pellets. Last year I used about a ton and a half of pellets from January 10th (stove was installed) to middle of March and that seemed like allot of pellets?
  2. Delta-T

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    you can find a thermostat at a hardware or home improvemnet store no problems. Wiring it in on an Enviro is fairly easy, it is in that manual, pretty much comes down to connecting 2 wires to the control board.

    Some peeps really like the thermo, to each their own. Repeat on/off cycles does fatigue the igniters, but some still last for years. Its hard to say if you'll actually use less pellets. SO many factors for that one.

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