Error 6 on King 5500m Pellet Stove

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Dec 13, 2023
Randolph, VT
We were given a King/Ashley 5500m pellet stove which I LOVE. We switched to using it as our main source of heat.
It needed a new igniter so we installed it ourselves and as soon as we turned the stove back on, it sparked, and has been showing error code 6 ever since.

What did we do wrong? Can’t seem to get the stove to work at all now and there aren’t any pellet stove repair companies that serve our area so we have to figure this out ourselves!
Look through the USSC trouble shooting sticky thread at the top. I have a USSC 6500. In my manual it says an ER 6 is the ignitor fuse blown.

I would replace that as well as inspect the heck out of the ignitor and ignitor connections. Might be shorted out.

On my pp130 (I have 2 stoves), when the ignitor was out I was able to put in a handful of pellets and manually light them (I use hand sanitizer to help). Then shut the door and turn the stove on. Stove would run fine. Not sure if the 5500 will run without an ignitor or not, but might get you heat while you wait for the new ignitor
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What did we do wrong?
igniter wire might be grounded to stove check wiring for bare spots or crimps or bad igniter. If stove not working at all then you might have blown the main fuse also, so you might have other wires grounded to stove check all fuses. Check all wiring especially any that are in the area you were working. My 6039 had a short wiring harness to the low limit switch. Every time I took off left stove panel that has control board in it, it would unhook from switch if I had turn stove on it would have grounded and blown fuse or burnt board up. I ended up adding a 8 inch wire splice and it no longer unplugs. Older 5500 boards only had one fuse, newer board has fuse for each device, red circle is igniter fuse blue is main fuse if you look under the fuses they are labeled. When you say stove now not working at all what do you mean? Does it have power you say Err 6 so I would assume so? When you push on what happens? Exhaust fan comes on? igniter does not work? Not feed pellets? If you replace igniter fuse unplug igniter from control board and then try starting, exhaust fan should come on, pellets should feed -a little and if you let it stay on after 30 minutes it would shut down with a Err3.

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  • usstove tech manual 5500M & 5500XL King ABC & 4 Digit Boards.pdf
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